Our excursions

Every year we take care of transporting many tourists who venture into the visit of our wonderful archipelago, including sea, rocks, caves, coves, ERUPTIONS AND CLIMBING TO THE STROMBOLI, and magnificent places where you can swim, and be able to closely observe the most important places; suggestive that each island reserves. An excursion taken care of in the smallest details, because we want to be remembered for this too.

(*) The prices are for 1 person. If you go directly to our agency you will find our weekly special offers. Children have discount prices.

  • Lipari and Salina

    (Dep. h 10.00 - Ret. h 17.00)
    50,00 € at person (*)
  • Escursioni alle Isole Eolie - Noleggio barche e gommoni - Scalata al cratere di Stromboli
    A few minutes after our departure from Lipari, we reach Monte Rosa, and follow the coast past Canneto to the pumice mines, where we stop in the turquoise sea for our first swim. We then pass Acquacalda and, leaving Lipari behind, reach the island of Salina, with our first stop at the village of Santa Marina di Salina. After our departure, we circumnavigate the island of Salina, following the coast past the village of Malfa and stopping again for a swim in the bay of Pollara, where the film "Il Postino" starring Massimo Troisi was filmed. We then continue around the island, past the village of Rinella, and stop at the village of Lingua, where it is possible to have lunch at one of the typical fish restaurants and walk to the salt lake. In the afternoon we head back to the island of Lipari, where we follow the west coast and stop at the "lovers grotto" for a swim. Continuing around, we stop again at the Valle Muria beach for our last swim, before taking you to see the Faraglioni, the Angels Grotto, the Egyptian Mummy rock, Pope John, and Spiaggia di Vinci beach, and then head back to Lipari town.
  • Climb to the Crater in Stromboli

    (Dep. h 12.30 - Ret. h 24.00)
    75,00 € + volcanologist guide (*)
  • Escursioni alle Isole Eolie - Noleggio barche e gommoni - Scalata al cratere di Stromboli The tour to climb the crater of Stromboli is the most interesting and popular of all our island trips. We have exclusive use of the guides from MAGMATREK, the only company whose guides speak many foreign languages, to ensure your safety and understanding during your time on the volcano, and to guarantee client satisfaction. They are also one of the oldest established companies on the island.
    After our departure from Lipari, we sail past the island of Panarea, then through the smaller islets near Panarea, where, in the summer months, at the discretion of our captain, we stop for a swim.
    Arriving at the island of Stromboli, we show you the small village of Ginostra from the sea, and then we circumnavigate the island during which time you can see the Sciara del Fuoco by day, and also the lighthouse rock called Strombolicchio, before landing on Stromboli. On arrival in Stromboli, you will have time to visit the village, before we accompany you to the meeting point with the guides. After approximately 3 hours to climb the crater, we stop to watch the eruptions, before the descent of 2 hours, and our return to Lipari.

    *For the ascent of Stromboli the following equipment and/or clothing is required: walking boots, torch with spare battery, at least one spare t-shirt, a sweat-shirt, an anorak, at least one litre of water per person, and a picnic supper. The equipment may be hired. Advance booking is advisable.
  • Sunset tour with an aperitif at the Faraglioni

    (Dep. h 19.00 - Ret. h 21.00)
    30,00 € per person
  • Excursions to the Aeolian Islands - Boat and raft rental - Climbing to the crater of Stromboli Coasting along the southeastern part of Lipari, we reach the two rock stacks ‘The Faraglioni’ called Pietra Lunga and Pietra Menalda, where we stop to watch the sunset while enjoying a unique and unforgettable aperitif with the possibility of a refreshing swim.

  • Filicudi and Alicudi

    (Dep. h 09.30 - Ret. h 18.00)
    60,00 € per person (*)
  • Immediately after departure, we sail through the Faraglioni of Lipari, before heading for the island of Filicudi. There we circumnavigate the island, passing Capo Graziano and the village of Pecorini, before stopping at the Grotto del Bue Marino for a swim. We then visit the Canna, Montenassari and the Giafante, and head for the island of Alicudi where we stop to visit the least populated village of all the islands, and to swim. Here, because there are no roads but long flights of steep steps, the only means of transport is the donkey. After leaving Alicudi we head back to Filicudi, where there is a long stop to enable you to walk to the prehistoric village at Capo Graziano and to have lunch. Upon returning, we will take the last swim of the day on Lipari.
  • Vulcano (round trip)

    (Dep. h 10.00 - Ret. h 13.00 / 17.00)
    20,00 € per person (*)
  • Escursioni alle Isole Eolie - Noleggio barche e gommoni - Scalata al cratere di StromboliAfter our departure, our first stop is at the Spiaggia di Vinci beach for a swim. We then take you to see the Faraglioni, the Angels' Grotto, the Egyptian Mummy rock, and Pope John before heading for the island of Vulcano's. We then head for the black beach of Vulcano, from where you can reach the sulfuric Mud Pools, the village of Vulcano, and the path to climb to the summit of the crater.
  • Vulcano (complete tour)

    (Dep. h 10.00 - Ret. h 17.00)
    35,00 € per person (*)
  • Escursioni alle Isole Eolie - Noleggio barche e gommoni - Scalata al cratere di Stromboli Our excursion starts by heading for the little island of Vulcanello and the Monster Valley, before stopping at the port of Vulcano, where you have the possibility to swim in the sulphur mud pools and hot springs, climb to the top of the crater or have lunch in the village. After a few hours we leave for the trip around the island, taking you to see the Little Mermaid, the Alum Grottoes, and then stop for a swim at the black beach called Baia dell'Asino. On our arrival at the Grotto del Cavallo, we will show you Venus' Swimming Pool and stop nearby for a swim. We complete our trip around the island of Vulcano before returning to Lipari.
  • Panarea and Stromboli

    (Dep. h 12.00 / 14.00 - Ret. h 22.30)
    60,00€ / 50,00€ per person (*)
  • Escursioni alle Isole Eolie - Noleggio barche e gommoni - Scalata al cratere di StromboliAfter leaving Lipari, we head for the island of Panarea where we show you the Bay of Calajunco, the site of the prehistoric village "Capo Milazzese". We then stop at the village of Panarea for a short visit.
    Leaving the village we take you to see the underwater fumaroles, then the small islands of Dattilo and Lisca Bianca. We stop for a swim off the island of Basiluzzo, and then leave for the island of Stromboli. Our first stop is off the village of Ginostra, and then we head for the port of Stromboli where we stop for you to visit this characteristic village of black sand and white houses, dominated by the volcano. At sunset we leave the village of Stromboli, and after passing close by the small rocky island called Strombolicchio, which is topped by a lighthouse, we arrive at the Sciara del Fuoco (river of fire) to watch the eruptions of the volcano. We then leave to head back to Lipari.

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